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My Child


Hello, my daughter is 5 years old and does not go to kindergarten or nursery school. Her father and I both work, but since I work on duty, we take turns to take care of our daughter between us. She cries for no reason when she is away from home. If I am on duty, her father is with her, but if she is out of his sight for two minutes, she starts crying and says she doesn't know why. He also knows that I will come in the morning, his father is with him, but we still don't understand why he cries.5 years old, he still sleeps with us, we couldn't separate him from us, he doesn't sleep in his own room, we don't know if he has become dependent on us or if he has anxiety disorder. Should we get support from a specialist on this issue, what should we do? I would be very happy if you help me.


Hello, how is your daughter's social circle? Does she spend time only with you, what do you do together, and how do you spend time? How was her infancy period? Are there any attachment issues? She knows you're going to work, yes; but how do you say goodbye, and how do you handle it if she reacts excessively? Your attitudes are very important. Normally, starting from the age of 2, I recommend having separate rooms for the child. And you should definitely designate her own space. I recommend getting support and having a detailed discussion about this. All the best..

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