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3 Years Old


Hello, my son is 3 years old, it will be 3 months since he started toilet training, there is no problem in urinating, but he holds his poop for 3 days and sometimes 4 days, he is very comfortable and very strong when he can't hold it, but he wants to sleep and forget the days he does not do it, or he wants to be distracted by scratching my back, he can't play games in that process, he wants mom or dad to scratch his back and be knee to knee with him. How should I behave in the process he holds, how can this process return to normal😔


Hello, toilet training varies for each child. Encountering stool withholding issues during this process is normal. If there are no pediatric problems, you can support your child in this regard. First, having a conversation to understand why he withholds stool will be an important step. Is he withholding because it hurts, or because he is scared? Depending on the answer, you can manage this process. At this age, they may be afraid to expel stool because they see it as part of their body. You can briefly explain this here. Also, you can reward their success. All the best..

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