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fear of death


I have a fear of death, I feel like I'm going to die at any moment, or when I take my arm out of the car, I get ridiculous fears such as what if a passing car tears my arm off, if I fall from the balcony, if someone attacks me from behind and kills me, and at the end of every event I think, I kill myself in my head, I'm officially bored, I want to get support in this situation, can we solve it, I don't want to take a session in vain, I really don't want to take a session in vain, if this fear will pass, I will take it.


The fear of death is one of the most basic fears that every individual has. You can think about the daily events that connect you to life, that make you love to live. However, if you think that this fear affects your daily life or bothers you too much, you can get professional support.

Melike Eren


Melike Eren

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